Microsoft and FieldOne have been partners for several years, but on Thursday July 16, 2015  Microsoft took the relationship a step further and completed the acquisition of the industry leading field-service software provider.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne’s Sky platform were integrated several months ago alluding to the possible acquisition,

What does this mean for dynamics users?

Microsoft has displayed an aggressive approach to winning CRM market share in 2015. Every acquisition leads to a more robust Dynamics products for both enterprises and end users.

“Their industry-leading solution specializes in delivering a full set of capabilities that include work order management, automated scheduling, asset contract, inventory and procurement management, workflow capabilities and mobile collaboration – providing enterprises with a comprehensive modern field service solution. ” wrote Bob Stutz, vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in an announcement posted on the Microsoft blog.

Field-service management software is utilized by organizations that need to physically dispatch employees to locations in order to perform on-site support. These platforms typically rely on cloud and mobile technologies, with an increasing use of data science and predictive analytics.

FieldOne’s cloud service was built on Dynamics CRM, runs natively for enhanced user adoption and works across hardware platforms. With the acquisition, Microsoft aims to help companies take a more proactive approach to field service through the combination of FieldOne, Azure IoT andCortana Analytics, Stutz said.

Last year, Oracle made a similar move by buying TOA Technologies, another player in the field-service arena.

“This is a natural form of vertical consolidation that often happens in a strengthening market,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with Enderle Group.

Using multiple, separate field-service companies can reduce both profitability and customer satisfaction because “they form an information and revenue barrier between the tech company and the customer it serves,” Enderle noted.

You can expect the same aggressive pricing and seamless integration we have witnessed from Microsoft’s previous acquisitions.

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